About me

I'm a german student who studies electrical engineering (Bachelor) and has way too many hobbies and interests to sustain even one of them consistently productive. On this website I aim to express myself in various ways. Though most of it will probably be my Software section, as I am willing to learn to code better and have a few ideas for programs, to advance my programming skills and tackle a few obstacles in daily life. 


Also, I aim to use this site to distribute some Anki- Decks which were made with Subs2SRS (Japanese) with the subtitles my wife provided, and some other decks I've found useful.


Thank you for visiting my website!


You can also join my Discord Server and talk to me directly!

You can ask questions, talk to other people, give bug reports, request Anki- Subs2SRS- Decks, and so on.

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