How to?

There are a few things to address to get what this is about and how it works.


Besically, this is a site where I publish collected and made (by my wife) Sub2SRS- Anki decks with my format of how I learn my decks.


Note: There will be a few videos to explain this in an interactive manner when its big enough, but for now, this written "guide" shall suffice.

How to get the decks

Most obvious thing first: You want to have the decks displayed in my sections 


When you become a Patreon, you will instantly gain access to all decks which I can provide that way (basically the decks we've made).


For any other inquiries, join my Discord and/or write to me directly.
I will usually respond to you within 24 hours.


You can also contact me via E-Mail:

What decks can I get?

There will be the decks that my wife and me create so you can just contact us normally. Also, there will be decks displayed which I cant give you but can forward you and tell you where and how to get them. Examples would be the Tango Nx decks by MIA.

How to use the decks?

All the decks are *.akpg files, so you should be able to just import them into Anki.

For a more detailed way of how to use them (the way I use them), please wait until I made the video to explain it in detail. Until then, I can link you to the video of Brit vs Japan: Video