YouTube- Channels

Here I want to display some of the YouTube- Channels that really changed my life in a certain way. Some changes were very subtle, some had huge impact on my daily life. These are the channels I consider to be of most value for me.

Note: The listing of the channels is in no particular order. I value every single one of them as equally good/competent/funny/etc. and want to display them here.


Best visualization of complex topics ranging from math to quantum physics. This guy helps you to understand math and logical thinking in it's basics and carries you from linear algebra over calculus to "where does Euler's number come from?".

Very helpful to wrap your head around certain complex topics.


Brings you knowledge about basic, intermediate and advanced topics of electrical engineering and alike in easily digestable bites. 

If you want to learn about electrical engineering, getting to know things you didn't knew you'd need as an electrical engineer, go for him.


The best C++ teacher in the world. Explains it in a way which is probably not fit for a classroom, but certainly for you to learn it. For example, he shows you how to code games in C++ on an engine he himself developed, for the sole purpose of taking you in to the land of ShePeePee.

Set the stage for Master Chili.

Matt vs. Japan

This guy is not the first person to use AJATT as a means to learn the japanese language. But he certainly helped me getting into the AJATT community. A decent guy, also called the "AJATT Guru", shows you the way (not the only, but one of the most effective) to become a master in Japanese.

I have to thank him for being able to speak Japanese much more fluently than before, even my wife and her relatives recognize it.

Learning Japanese? This is your man!

Ben Eater

A channel brought up to me (us?) by 3B1B. He has a very good series on how to build your own 8-Bit-Computer, while explaining everything in layman's terms. It really helped me understand digital logic's basics. Other than that, he also has other entertainment- programs.

Look into it a bit *badumm tss*.

What I've Learned

What I've Learned loves to research and find scientifically accurate solutions for quests which aim to improve us mentally and physically. He influenced me in my eating habits and thus had a big impact on my life: I feel better everyday because he helped me get on to the Keto- train.

Whether it's something for you or not, this guy definitely has the scientific research in petto for you, from meditation to nutrition and cognitive improvement.

Willing to change your life for the better?

He will guide you.


Adam clears up long- hold stigma about drugs, especially psychedelics.

Bringing forth the risks and benefits of the usage of those drugs clarifies most of the (unfairly) doubts and horror stories which are interconnected with them.

Want to open your mind? Adam tells you how to.

Technology Connections

Presenting old electronics and engineering achievements with a drop of good humor, Technology Connections has a big repertoir of vintage equipment used in the old days. All of his videos have a certain charme and show up all the little "Technology Connections" in life.

Very entertaining for people who like to see how old stuff works, as well as good insights on todays technology.