Here you can find all the software I've built. Usually they are written in C/C++/C# with the use of frameworks like Qt or Microsofts .NET Framework.

They are mostly little solutions to problems I've faced on my own, but if you find them handy, I'm happy!

If you need help or want to report a bug, just contact me or join my Discord Server.

Single Shutdown

A program that let's you shut down your PC after a certain time (point or interval).

Emergency Executer

Have brisant data on your PC? Delete them in a fast manner or let someone execute this program while they dont even know what they are even doing.


Do you want to remove a column of characters in your text file but dont want to go through every line seperately? Use this program to automate the process!

All Software available for download here is 100% free and open source!

No hidden traps.

(It needs to be for free. Otherwise I'd need to purchase a license from Qt and thats money I dont have.)