Emergency Executer

VersionĀ 1.00


You have brisant data which has to be deleted in an emergency or a porn stash no one should discover when you have an accident?

This program helps you to declare those directories you dont want anyone to find and - when its time - you (or the person of your choice) can delete those directories for you! Without anyone knowing what the program actually does!

How it works

  1. Declare the directories you want to be deleted
  2. Wait until the moment you need them to be erased
  3. Erase them with ease or let someone erase them without them knowing what they are actually doing!

So basically, you tell someone you need this program to be executed urgently and they do it for you. But what they are actually doing is just deleting you porn stash. lol

How it came to be

I just dont want anyone to find my porn stash when I'm dead.

(Which are just precautions, I dont intend to die the next 60-70 years)