Emergency Executer

Version 1.00


When clicking on Download in the download section, you will be redirected to the website Uploadfiles.io, where you will face the following view:

Click on Free Download to start the download of the *.zip- file


To install Emergency Executer you just have to extract the *.zip- file into the folder you'd like to. I recommend you to choose an empty folder.

After you extracted the *.zip- file, the contents of the folder should look similar to this. If something is missing, something went wrong and I recommend to retake the steps before.

Also, you can see the EmergencyDeleter.exe here now. Double click on it to start the program and initiate it.

Main Window

On first start up you'll see the Main Window. This is also the window which the person you order to execute the program will see.

The message is being set in the Settings section.

The person you order to execute this program is supposed to click on Proceed.



In the settings window you can set the language you want the program to be displayed in (currently German and English).


Shown Message:

Also, you can type in the message which will be shown in the Main Window.



By ticking the "Protect settings with password" checkbox, you enable the password protection for the Settings. It will use the Password you typed in the Password Textbox. "Show password" will show the password in the Settings. It will be reset everytime you open the Settings. When its not enabled, the Program will veil the Password.


Proceed Condition:

The Proceed Condition will be the phrase that the executing person has to enter to successfully delete all entries. More on that below.


Directory List:

This is the list of directories that will be deleted from your system once the execution order was successfully carried out. By clicking Add, you add a directory to the list. Remove will remove the currently highlighted directory entry.

When you enabled the option "Protect settings with password", a dialog will pop up every time you click on Settings, that asks for the password you entered. So you better not forget it.

(In case you forgot it, just ask me how to reset).

Proceed (Execute Order)

When the executing person clicks on Proceed, this window will appear. The upper phrase is the Keyphrase you defined in your Settings. This can also be empty.


When the executing person types in the matching phrase and clicks on "Execute", the program will delete all directories you declared to be deleted in the directory list.

When its done, it shows a message.

Setting up a Shortcut

I strongly advice to put the program somewhere safe in your system and set up a shortcut to the programs *.exe in an easy to reach spot, whether its for you, or someone else.

Any questions left or something unclear? Ask me with the form on the contact page, so I can get in touch with you directly.