Shutdown Monitor

Version 1.10


Ever wanted to set a schedule to you PC when it should be on and off?

This program gives you the possibility to do so!


Whether you want to restrict the time your kids spend on the computer or you want to help getting over your own usage time. 


Use this program to set a schedule and don't worry about it anymore.


(Of course the program can only shut down your computer, but not start it)

What it is

The program is there to set limits to the PC usage. The limits can be set by the user. Outside of those limits, the PC will shut down.

It has a handy timeline which helps you keeping track of the time and when the shut down will be initiated. It also has a variety of settings to make it as easy for you as possible.

It is available for Windows.

How it works

On first start you set the limits you want to have.

Then you let it autostart every time you start your PC.


After that, your PC will always be shut down on time.

No worries. More productive or relax time.

How it came to be

I often find myself doing unnessecary things on the PC for hours, like watching YouTube or lurking on social media. Those times are often in the late hours, where I could do either a more productive task or use my time to relax. Instead, I waste hours by watching videos or doing stuff I actually don't really want to do. To counter this, I made this program. It will prevent me from playing around too much and reminds me of doing something productive.