Simple Nikki

Version 1.00


  1. Open program
  2. Write Diary 
  3. Click Done
  4. ???
  5. Profit

It's that easy!

What it is

Simple Nikki is a program that lets you write your diary with the least effort possible.

It is available for Windows.

How it works

The basics are incredibly easy:

You start the program, write your entry and then press the Done button. That's really the least effort you can put into the process of writing a diary.

The program has a few extra features and on first start up you are asked to create your "profile", but after that you dont have to do anything except the above mentioned.

For more information and a walkthrough/tutorial for the program, take a look at "walkthrough".

How it came to be

Writing a diary is proven to be beneficial to your brain (e.g. memory) and general mood. It helps to reflect on yourself and your actions in daily life and can lead you to find yourself. Writing down experiences in a certain matter and reflecting back on things we've done makes us improve and become better human beings. Usually we only gulp up as much information as possible, but dont process it. With a diary, we can extend our realm or thoughts and get to know oneself and other people better. As Jordan Peterson puts it best: "There is no difference between thinking and writing". I think that describes it in the most accurate way, because in order to write, you have to think things through and reflect on thoughts you think/thought at the moment, time and time again, reiterating past and present experiences.


But my problem lies within the things we have to do around the diary. I tried writing a diary by hand: My hand died after one page. Every time.

I tried different websites, but as it is, I still had to log in, choose a title for my entry, change the date to the wanted one so I dont have a hole in the daily counter. Its very annoying, in my opinion.


So I thought to myself: Why not write everything into a text file? And even better: Make a tiny programm, that does exactly that for you, but with automated date and time- acqisition.

That are the essentials of "Simple Nikki" 


(Nikki from Japanese "日記/にっき" for "diary").