Single Shutdown

Version 1.10


You want to finish the download but dont want to shut down your PC after it?

Use this program to shut it down after a certain time!

  1. Open program
  2. Set shutdown mode
  3. Set time
  4. Press start
  5. Wait and let this program shut down your PC

What it is

Single Shutdown is a program which let's you set a time after which your PC will be shut down. There are two modes: Time point (shut down after a certain time of the day) and timer (shut down after set time interval).

It is available for Windows.

How it came to be

Ever wanted to let your PC shut itself down after a certain time? Or at a certain time point? Well, I wanted to. Both of it. But unfortunately, most of the online available software were not made for both, only one. So I created this little program to do exactly that what I wanted.