Single Shutdown

Version 1.10


When clicking on Download in the download section, you will be redirected to the website Uploadfiles.io, where you will face the following view:

Click on Free Download to start the download of the *.zip- file


To install Single Shutdown you just have to extract the *.zip- file into the folder you'd like to. I recommend you to choose an empty folder.

After you extracted the *.zip- file, the contents of the folder should look similar to this. If something is missing, something went wrong and I recommend to retake the steps before.

Also, you can see the SingleShutdown.exe here now. Double click on it, to start the program and initiate it. To execute the program, it has to be located in this folder.

Tip: You may want to create a desktop shortcut to access the program easily. 


I guess it's quite self- explainatory. 

You dial/type in the time after which the program will shut down your PC. 

There are two modes:

Time Point (At)

If you've chosen Time Point (At), the program will shut down your PC at the time point you've entered.


Timer (In)

The option Timer (In) will turn the program into a timer which will count down the time you've entered.

After pressing Start you the program executes everything you've entered. You can stop it by pressing Stop. That's about everything you need to know about it.

Setting up a shortcut

I advice to put the program somewhere safe in your system and set up a shortcut to the programs *.exe in an easy to reach spot.